My first blog- Hidden Passion

Hello everyone!!!
In my first blog, I want to tell you about my paintings from which i get immense happiness.

Initially when i was in school , I hated drawing, my drawing teacher and the day on which drawing period came. I used to take leave that day mostly. My biggest nightmare used to be my drawing homework. It totally freaked me out .

The love for painting and i guess my passion for drawing actually emerged during the holidays which i got after my 12th papers. I would not say that this was my hidden talent or something like that because actually it was not. I don’t create amazing or awesome paintings. I just enjoy doing paintings. Whenever I feel tired of studying or when I got tensed, I release all my feelings in my paintings.

One day while painting , few question emerged in my mind. Why I started loving paintings? Why did I hate art class during school? What is the thing that made my interest in paintings?
The answer to all these questions was simple. Earlier in school, I used to hate paintings because there was a pressure in my mind to replicate the drawing or sketch given in the book or ma’am will ask me to redo it. But now there is no pressure because now there is no fixed picture in my mind that I have to draw. I don’t have to replicate anything. I can draw anything I want.

That day I realised that if we do work or anything in pressure, we would definitely complete it in given timeframe but we would neither enjoy that work nor we would learn anything from that. So whatever we do, we should do it freely without taking any pressure to get better results.

Thank you!